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   Thank you for your commitment to solving your debt problems. The company, organization or individual that you have a debt to, provided us with the authority to collect your debt.

   Our right to collect the debt is based on the law and the agreement with your lender. Since the conclusion of the contract Sammler is authorized to carry out negotiations, to sign an agreement on the settlement of the debt, to address the court with the claim to recover the debt. An expert or representative of Sammler who will communicate with you has a power of attorney with the full list of his powers. The faster you will contact with the agency, the easier and without complications your problem will be solved.

    If you have received a notice from the agency Sammler, our representative has communicated with you or you receive a call from the agency to clarify all information please contact the below mentioned contact details:

E-mail: info@sammler.pro

    Sammler specialists are always ready to discuss with you the options for further action to repay the debt,  to advise what to do or to make an individual offer debt repayment schedule, helping to find the optimal solution. We suggest you sit down at the negotiating table to work out mutually acceptable solutions. Our experience shows that even the most effective solution to the debt situation is this collaboration.

    If you have any documents proving the payment of your debt, you need to send copies of these documents by e-mail to the Department of debt collection: info@sammler.pro

    Debtor's important to know:

  • Your debt is our common problem. We will try to find convenient way of payment for you, and for the lender.
  • If you can not repay the debt for a good reason at the present time, we will try to go to a meeting and find the option of settlement of the question of repayment of debt which is acceptable to both you and the lender, most debts are indisputable debts. This means that in the case of the trial, it is sure to satisfy the creditor's claim and sought from the debtor the amount of debt, interest and any fines, penalties, fees and court costs.
  • It is much better to pay off the debt in the pretrial order - it is easier and cheaper.
  • You will have to return the debt in any case. Delaying a refund, you will only exacerbate the problem and increase the size of the debt.
  • Protect your reputation and remember that time is working against you.

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