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    The economic crisis which began in Russia in 2015 did the work of debt collection agencies one of the best ways of doing business in the country. In Russia, more than 140 million inhabitants, of which according to the statistics of 90 million people have active credit obligations to banks and micro-loans. Every third citizen of this amount is from 2 to 5 credits. Many people fail in their payments due to the devaluation of the ruble and they have formed the debt.

    At 07/03/2016, the President of Russia signed a decree on the introduction of law on debt collection activities in Russia, many of the provisions of this Act come into force on 01/01/2017 of the year. Due to the law emerged and large market arrears, Russia today is one of the most attractive countries for business debt collection.

    Debt collection agency Sammler invites foreign investors for cooperation and market penetration in Russian debt. The funds needed for the development of logistics agency, buying debt and expand territorial presence throughout the country. We are open and willing to cooperate, ready to develop and make money together!

    On all questions of investment cooperation, please write to e-mail: info@sammler.pro

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