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    Sammler is a collection agency "full cycle", provides a full range of collection services, such as Skip-tracing, Pre-collection, Soft-collection, Hard-collection, Legal-collection and Executive-collection. The agency provides a return of debts, both to individuals and to credit and commercial organizations.


Collection agency Sammler  is chosen  to minimize the costs and expenses thatl inevitably arise in the debt collection:

  • costly maintenance of the fleet of official vehicles for trips
  • labor-intensive and protracted time disciplinary control personnel in the implementation of recovery
  • staff motivation while dealing with debtors
  • low level and the amount of processing on the outbound phase of recovery, which is not comparable with the level and amount of handling calls of call center
  • shortages or lack of qualified specialists in debt collection

 Today Sammler offers to its clients and partners:

  • guarantee full confidentiality of all transmitted information agency
  • refund arrears by the pre-trial settlement of debt disputes, judicial debt collection, maintenance enforcement proceedings
  •  expert judgment and redemption arrears
  • expert evaluation of potential borrowers
  • consulting services in the field of private lending bank risk management on business and management consulting
  •  organization and conduct of business by legal (including criminal) prosecution of unscrupulous borrowers
  • usage of  only legitimate methods of work to debt collection, not causing damage to the image of our clients and partners

    Any legal person wishing to order the service of debt collection can be a customer of Sammler, irrespective of the amount and the term of the debt, as well as the natural person who wishes to recover the debt from the borrower. If your company or organization has a need for debt collection from individuals or legal entities, Sammler professionals are at your service.

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