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Debt collection in Russia


    Sammler carries out debt collection legal entities and individuals, including litigation and pre-trial settlement:

 Services of Soft Collection:

  • search and identification of data using all possible resources
  • collection calls estimating debtor’s position and attitude to his debt
  • negotiation with debtor by the telephone
  • step-by-step mailing to all known addresses of company (individual) – debtor
  • requesting of guarantee letters from debtor
  • drafting of settlements schedule and controlling of schedule payments
  • definition of the tactics and planning of company’s employees cooperation
  • creative approach to every exact situation concerning debtor and his debt

Services of Hard Collection:

  • actualization of debtor’s contact information
  • identification of all responsible persons, relatives and friends for quicker getting into contact with debtor
  • negotiations with debtor’s representatives
  • usage of harder methods of influence on debtor and explaining all possible negative results in case of the debt nonpayment
  • Legal debt collection

    We provide our clients with full set of legal services relating to debt collection.

Services of Legal Collection:

  • sending all necessary legal documents to debtor
  • preparing statement of claim and all related documents
  • representing client’s interests in all domestic and foreign courts
  • support in enforcement of court resolutions (working with state executives)
  • preparing and submitting of applications to legal authorities
  • supporting client’s interests in debtor’s liquidation or bankruptcy procedures
  • legal analysis and consultations

     The following legal measures for forced execution of decisions are envisaged by us:

  • Imposition of penalty on debtor`s property
  • Seizure from debtor and transmission to beneficiary of belongings indicated in a decision
  • Imposition of penalty on debtor`s salary or another incomes
  • Other measures stipulated by court decision
  • Enforcement procedure may be performed in respect of foreigners and stateless persons who live or are registered on the territories of covered countries or own property on its territories

    Our specialists help to choose the most optimum way of actions for every exact case.

 Informative maintenance of enforcement process includes:

  • Revelation of agreements on alienation of marketable property (via notary public)
  • Research of mortgage property
  • Research of movables (automobiles and other)
  • Actual location of storages, commodities, property
  • Research of assets which can be callable

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