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International debt collection


    Sammler collection agency offers its clients - companies and individuals debt collection services at the international level. We collect debts from companies and individuals in 28 countries in the European Union, North America, Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus.

     Collection agency Sammler has extensive experience in debt collection in foreign countries. For Sammler there is no difference in the territory of what country the company or the individual that owes you are. Our specialists solve  any of  your debt problems. At the same time you do not need to actually go abroad, just enough to issue a power of attorney to the agency, which will represent the interests of the customer at all stages of debt collection.

    The procedure of debt collection to businesses and individuals is carried out according to the legislation of each country in the international market and in accordance with their rules and regulations. This Sammler works exclusively on legal grounds, it does not cause any damage their image or the image of a partner. A large number of customers has already  made sure  of the privacy Sammler work and guarantee  real return of all contractual obligations. Sammler supports its image, which is gained by hard work and a sufficiently period of time in this sphere.

It is important to note successful debt collection abroad, only 25-30% of cases reach the judicial work, the rest of the debtors  repay their debts to creditors voluntary due to workof Sammler.

     Before accepting, Sammler specialists conduct a preliminary analysis of the case. Its goal is to study  legal documents for the understanding of the legitimacy of the creditor's claims. Next Sammler experts analyze the financial condition of the debtor and produce a strategy and tactics of working with him. If in the implementation of planned activities objective or subjective changes occur, so the methodology of work changes as well.

     It is important to note the fact that Sammler does not only  use existing techniques for forcing debtors to return. Every new case require a completely new approach, associated with the peculiarities of the creditor and the debtor.

     Please note that we are working with both the legal and individuals. The only condition which influence the ability of our work on foreign debt is the amount owed and the legitimacy of the claimant.

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