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Schemes and types of cooperation 


    In cooperation with customers and partners Sammler adheres to the principles of maximum effectiveness and confidentiality of ongoing debt collection projects.

Agent Cooperation Agreement


40-60% of the total portfolios which are processed by the agency are transmitted by the agency scheme - partners or customers transmit portfolios which require an effective job of debt collection for a certain percentage (commission) rate. The agency acts on its own behalf but represents the interests of the partner or customer and thus takes all reputational risks. Repayment is done by debtors on the details of partners and agency clients and they, in turn, pay compensation to the agency on the rate specified at the conclusion of the agency agreement.


Concession agreement on cooperation


    The Agency acquires debt portfolios from partners and customers for pre-agreed value.  After the conclusion of the contract of assignment the right to demand the right to foreclose on the debt portfolio is fully transferred to the Agency. The obvious advantage of this type of agreement is the possibility of the partners and customers to get rid of troubled portfolios and make room for better, more fresh and paying portfolios.


    Sammler is always open for business partnership and the establishment of mutually beneficial long-term relationships. A growing number of customers and partners indicates that the agency is doing the right steps in its development.

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