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Skip-Tracing – search for information about the company and the debtor

    Many lenders and depositors prefer to maintain their own course of debt collection with their debtors, not trusting the recovery of other organizations and individuals.  According to our Analytical department - a complete lack of information (no phones, residential address, place of work, property, etc.) of the debtor is the reason for not paying the debt in 3 cases out of 6. In this case, 50% of the debt repayment success lies the ability to learn all you can about the person and company who is to cash.

    Due to the service Skip-Tracing You can receive the following information about your debtor:

     If your debtor is a natural person:

 • New phones of the debtor, his family members and related persons

 • The new address of residence of the debtor and his family

• The status of the debtor and his family

 • Affiliations with companies and places of work of the debtor

 • Information on the law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation - and a conviction of the offense the debtor

 • Information on the debt obligations of the debtor

     And much more…

     If your debtor is a company (legal entity):

• Information on registration in the state bodies: details of the company's patents, licenses, trademarks

• Structure: the co-owners, subsidiaries, branch network management

• The financial statements of companies, banks and insurance companies

• Description of the company

• Request credit history of individuals and entities

• Information on the company's debt, the executive production and inspection of government agencies

• Mortgaged property company

• Vacancies Company

And much more…


    With our services Skip-Tracing it is possible to get up to 60-70% of the new information about the debtor.

    Skip-Tracing service is paid only on the fact of finding new information about the debtor, if nothing is found, the service is not paid by the customer. We do not take an advance payment for this service. The deadline for submitting the information found on the debtor - from 1 hour to 2 working days.


    Presentation on service: Sammler Skip-Tracing in Russia 2016 ENG

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