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Sammler debt collection agency welcomes you to its official website! 

About agency Sammler

    International collection agency Sammler provides professional services to recover debts from individuals and legal entities on the entire territory of the European Union, North America (USA), Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan within the legal framework and the legislation of these countries. The agency has worked  since 2008. Sammler works in the field of recovery both in B2C and B2B. Sammler also engaged in servicing and debt purchasing.

    Staff specialists of more than 3000 people, well developed infrastructure and perfect mechanism for debt collection allowed Sammler to take a leading position in the market of debt collection in 2013.

    International experience in debt collection  has given the opportunity to the agency to establish  smooth and ultra-efficient business process which is  unique on the  professional market of collection services. The agency implements and uses civilized methods and principles for improving the payment discipline among consumers and citizens. 


Sammler today is:

 • International brand

 • Providing high-quality services in the field of Debt collection

 • The presence and operations in the European Union, North America, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine

 • Advanced software and technology of debt collection

 • A large team of specialists in the sphere of collection services

 • Years of experience and streamlined business processes in the field of debt recovery

 • Individual approach when working with both debtors and partners and clients of the agency


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